Thursday, November 5, 2009

Writing in November

I am now of the opinion that they could have hardly picked a worse month than November to have Nanowrimo. I finally broke a thousand words. How pitiful is that? I've been known to put out twenty thousand words in a week. On the other hand I'm having the germs of an idea or two for a couple of short stories. Nothing concrete yet, but if either show any sign of turning into anything I will turn my attention to writing those in a heartbeat. I'm all about production, and this year short stories are my bread and butter.

The new wireless network is a bit of a hit or miss proposition so far. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but it means I'm now exiled to the laptop since it can be claimed I have an internet machine on it. Sigh. I'm also going to have to adapt to this new keyboard. That's slowing me down as well.

Just listen to me whine about the hard time I'm having with all my shiny new toys :P

Ah well, this writer's block will pass and then I'll be out of things to complain about. Then what will I do?

On a side note;

Yesterday at Rowans speech therapy she was being offered a choice between two objects while I watched from a nearby chair. They then specifically asked her, "What do you want?" She stated all at once, "I want Daddy!" and ran over and hugged me. Words can't express how surprised everybody was, and how I felt. All I can say is that it was pretty darn good.


  1. Awww. That's awesome :-) Makes the struggles all worth while when stuff like that happens.

  2. She put things in perspective, didn't she? (I love that!)

    You're doing fine with Nano. Just remember, YOU ARE a winner, no matter what.


  3. We were all stunned. It just came out of nowhere when she did that. She has never done anything like that before.