Thursday, November 12, 2009

It Might Be Time to Savor the Moment

Still frustrated with my lack of production on the writing front, I'm about ready to consider that frustration to be part of the problem. I might be in a self reinforcing cycle here, and if so it might be time to consider a different approach. Maybe I need to mentally relax a little bit and not think about writing for a little while. Perhaps I need to focus on the present instead. Live life for a little bit instead of always attempting to conjure situations in my head.

Thanksgiving is two weeks away, and it's time to start getting ready for that. Maybe a little decoration is in order? That's a scary proposition when you live with Rowan, though. Things that aren't nailed down have a tendency to end up all over the place. And she notices when something new arrives in her environment. And while she has been doing much better lately, possibly due to the accidental discovery of piracetam on my part, her ability to get into mischief has not abated in the least. Still, it's worth considering.

My hands seem to have improved, and my typing as returned almost to normal. Sigh. Now I have to wonder if Diet Dr. Pepper really is the problem here. I'm drinking tea with stevia at the moment. It isn't bad, but it's hardly the glorious nector of the gods that Diet Dr. Pepper is.

I haven't totally stopped thinking about writing though. I'm still considering what I'm going to do with Argiope, and the Ways of Khrem. The fact that I still think about those is probably a good indication that the time is swift approaching to refocus my attention in their direction. Ten short stories wasn't the goal I had set for myself, but it isn't exactly a disgraceful failure either.

Rowan went back to school yesterday, which only leaves me with Sheridan. He seems to be better, but he may still be a day away. We'll see. Having kids constantly around might have a little to do with my lack of production too. Maybe.

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