Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday Assessment

Shown above are the covers to anthologies that have, or will have, stories of mine in them. Some of them have more than one. Not a bad collection all in all. They represent the successful part of a years work. I can live with that.

This weekend Karla has continuing education, which means I'll be at home alone with the kids all weekend. So I won't be getting a lot done. Oh well, it's all in a good cause. I'll try and keep my goals small. My only goal will be to try and do that edit of "The World in Strips" for Pill Hill Press . . . and try to keep the kids from bringing the house down around my ears, of course. Sounds reasonable.


  1. Continuing education? So that's what they're calling it now?

    I want to keep up with all of your work, but at the rate you went, I'm not sure I can afford to. :) Keep up the good work.

    Also, I'm almost complete with first read through of Khrem. Will have initial thoughts on it by Monday, if all goes well.

  2. Hopefully, one day I can get somebody to make an anthology of them. But that would probably be years from now.

    Thanks for trudging through the novel. Since I'll be rewriting that in 2010, all suggestions and criticisms are welcome.

  3. "trudging" is not an appropriate word, I think. I am enjoying it quite a lot. All three stories are good.