Saturday, November 28, 2009

Good AfterMorning

Karla let me sleep in today, earning her the status of Weekend Goddess.

I'm now blearily facing my computer and sipping some absolutely wonderful coffee that Cheri Galbiati left for me to make. I'll have to find out what it is from her later. If I had of tried it sooner, I could have asked her last night while visiting her house.

We gossiped and talked writing while I tried to evenly ration out affections to her four festive furry four-legged kids. I failed pretty spectacularly as Hannah managed to claim the spot beside me on the couch and soak up about ninety percent of the attention. All were pretty happy with it though. Cheri also kindly agreed to give my story "Under a Racer's Moon," a read over. I'm always grateful for any proofreading I can get from anybody, and she is very good.

On another note, The Bitter End anthology has just come out and will soon be available on It contains my story, "The World in Strips." I'll put up a link to it once they get it in stock and the image up.

Ah well, I think I shall relax today and let the kids run the show. Wish me luck.

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