Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day Two: Virus Bugaloo

The kids are at home with the flu again today. Sheridan is hoarse and running the occasional fever, and Rowan has the same cough he has. So far, my symptoms are mild. I just have to get used to having Noggin running in the background all day. I also will be needing to go to the store since I haven't been able to do it with two sick kids home. I've got enough supplies to get me through the day.

After messing around with my laptop for a while, and trying to figure out why internet explorer keeps locking up, I think I may have identified the cause. It may be my wifi mouse. It's going to take more experimentation but so far I haven't had any lockups when using just the touchpad. We shall see. I'm not a big fan of touchpads, and if this turns out to be the problem then I will probably go back and get a usb mouse with a wire. I'm just old fashioned that way.

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