Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Next Step in the Process

The gears of the process are turning and now I move on to the next phase. Getting my story critiqued. I just emailed one copy off to one of my "editors", and I'll be printing a copy out tomorrow to take to another.
I actually got my wife to read it, and she rated it a solid "humph!" I'm a little unclear if that means she liked it or not, but I accept all reviews uncritically.
That's always the best and worst part of handing your story over to have it critiqued. What if they think it stinks? What if it really does stink? On the one hand, that's your baby. On the other, you need the truth. The only advice I have is to be your own worst critic, and not hand anything over until you feel reasonably confident about it. Just be objective while being your own worst critic. Don't hold back good stuff out of fear. And don't hand over bad stuff to prove to yourself you're not afraid.
Confused? You should be. I am.

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