Friday, November 6, 2009

I've been thinking about "Argiope" and "The Ways of Khrem" again lately. Pretty soon I'll have to look into getting back into those projects. I'm starting to get a feel about how I might do that.

Since I already have a first (albiet terrible) draft of TWoK already done, I can farm it out for advice while going ahead and picking up and writing Argiope where I last left off. I also have some artwork for a possible book cover for Argiope on order, as an inspirational piece while writing it.

"Flight of the Lark" is way down the road, but the research can be done. I just discovered a steamboat museum in Beaumont that I now absolutely must visit. It could be invaluable for FotL.

Plotting the novels I intend to write in the future makes me feel better about the short stories I'm not writing right now. How's that for logic.

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