Monday, November 2, 2009

NaNoWriMo and the Real World

Sigh, it's November the second and I haven't started writing yet, due to real world issues.

Randy and Kyle came and installed my new 42" flatscreen TV last night, and I spent the evening restraining Rowan so she wouldn't be in the middle of things. Today, Rowans bus didn't show up so we took her to school, and I'm trying to straighten things out with the transportation dept of the schools. Then there is still the matter of the wreckage that is my kitchen, which needs to be cleaned up.

And this evening there is going to be the siren call of that aforementioned 42" TV and Monday Night Football.

It just ain't fair, I tell you!

And lets not forget my current case of writer's block. Oh no, let's not forget that.

Sigh. It's already the second day of November and I'm behind.

No pressure.

UPDATE: I finally got things squared away the school bus service and it looks like Rowan gets to come home for the evening. This parenting stuff is hard.

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