Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Things That Worry Me as a Writer

Is this project too different from my other works for the people who read me to accept?

Is this project so much like my other works that people who read me will think I’m being formulaic?

Am I wandering too far into another genre?

Would my readers accept me wandering into another genre?

Are people going to get that I’m subverting this cliché, or think I’m just writing in clichés?

Is it okay to use an honest to god cliché now and then?

Is this prose too prosey?

What kind of stupid name is that for a character?

How many two part sentences with “and” as a conjunction do I intend to use in this paragraph?

Is this paragraph too big?

Is this scary, or just stupid?

Is this funny, or just stupid?

The plural of apparatus is apparatus? That just don’t look right.

Is this chapter dragging?

This isn’t funny OR scary. Just shoot me.

If that character does that, is he still likeable enough?

Is this piece of setting to obviously symbolic?

Oh my god, what is the timeline in this book again?

Does anybody talk like that?

Am I taking too long to do this?

Why didn’t I become a plumber?