Sunday, January 31, 2010


Here, we see Rowan being good at school. She has apparently been progressing nicely in her schoolwork and her learning.

This is not the Rowan who was home with me yesterday.

After a promising start that involved the "good mornings" mentioned in the earlier post, it turned out she was just biding her time until she only had the slow parent to contend with. In short order she unstuffed one of Sheridan's valued fish friends, then smeared Vicks vapor rub all over the carpet, and then capped the day off by finding an ungaurded pen and doing a little artwork on the walls. Fortunately Karla made it home in time to rescue her, or me, or whichever one of us it was that needed the rescuing.

I'm currently toying with a story idea, but I'm not sure if it's worth pursuing. It might fit in LL Dreamspells Revenge anthology, but it would be awful short for that. It might work in Pill Hills flash fiction anthology but I don't think I can condense it down to five hundred words. Oh well, at least I have an idea. I never pass those up without playing with them at least a little while.

I'm scheduled to meet Cherri Galbiati at Denny's tonight for a long overdue writer's night out. Oh lordy, just the idea of talking with another adult again is making me giddy. Or even having a meal with somebody I don't have to worry about getting mad and throwing bacon at me. I definitely look forward to it.


  1. Not sure scrambled eggs throws as well as bacon, but since neither can have the bacon---well, it'll be good to visit and chat! Been couped up so long that I'm starting to understand my dog's barks...and they've picked up some language I'm not repeatin'! See ya later, Big Guy,


  2. Boy, did we stay up talking and forget the time or what?