Saturday, January 9, 2010

Something is Freezing Over

Another beautiful day in the balmy, semi-tropical city of Houston. If things get any more tropical around here, somebody is going to get frostbite. At least Sheridan was delighted by the icicles on the fountain today.
The war against this cold/flu seems to be going well, and I think I have this particular plague on the ropes. The diet is still driving me crazy though. Despite the fact that I know I've eaten plenty of calories, I still feel like I'm starving because my body wants that carb spike. I figure a few more days of crazy, then things get better. At least I'm planning this well.
Tonight, I will be snacking on sliced cheeses and sausages instead of my usual chips and popcorn during the Dallas game. Kind of a snooty way to watch football, but at least it's carb light. Lets just hope the Cowboys have been eating well this week and are in good shape for this playoff game. They haven't had a very good track record in the playoffs recently. Lets hope tonight is the game that changes.

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  1. Got to love global warming. Without it this planet would spend all of it's time in an ice age. Looks like we need to get more green house gases going.