Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Little Polish and a Trip to Meet Friends

Been polishing the first chapter rewrite of The Ways of Khrem. It's going smoothly. It's amazing to see how much I can improve things after a year's experience writing. Learning how to show instead of tell being a big one in this story.
Today I'm going to go to College Station to meet up with some old friends. Rob and Jen, who I haven't seen in about a decade, will be meeting us at a park we used to meet at long ago. It's going to be weird because they have a six year old girl now, and we have our own pair of curtain climbers. John will be there as well, another friend from back then. The last time I saw them I was sixty pounds lighter and with long brown hair. Now I get confused for my own kids grandpa when I take them to the store.
It will be good to see them though. It sounds like they have done well for themselves.
Dallas plays a huge game on Sunday as well, but I'm willing to miss it to see these guys. Karla has figured out the wonders of Tivo, so hopefully I'll get to see it later tonight.
Now it's time to get a little sleep.

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