Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Low Carbs for Great Justice!

Project: Make Nate Less Fat is going better. I have now lost eleven pounds from my initial weight. Not to mention my complexion has improved immensely. I've been suspecting I have a systemic fungal infection, and have only been allowing myself meats and greens. Couple that with a supplement regime of Cod Liver Oil, Olive Leaf Extract, and Piracetam . . . and I have improved immensely. My only drink is tea sweetened with Stevia. If I do indeed have a systemic fungal infection, then I will need to stay on this regime for months.

Oh well. Lifes tough all over.

Progress on the novel proceeds. I hit a rough patch yesterday, with my creativity fizzling on me, but I did get some stuff done. Let's hope today goes better. I'll have less time because I have to pick Rowan up at noon and take her to her therapist. So maximizing my time is important.

Just a few more days to go, and a I can take a couple of days off before moving to my next project.

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