Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New *ack!* Year

While the family all suffers from a variety of different ailments, I have apparently taken it as my duty as head of the household to endure them all at once. Currently children are wailing, sneezing, urping, and having tantrums. Karla has assumed the mantle of Florence Nightingale, trying to see to the needs of her family while not feeling so great herself. Hopefully this is a short lived malady, and we recover before the end of the weekend.

As it is, being sick is a real motivator when it comes to making new year's resolutions. It's kind of like hugging that toilet bowl after that big party, and swearing mighty oaths never to do that to yourself again. So in the spirit of plague victims everywhere, I hereby resolve to get healthier, try to keep improving my writing, spend more quality time with the kids, and take the wife out more often. Sounds good. Nice and non specific thanks to my flu fogged brain. I will get more specific with my goals later.

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