Monday, January 4, 2010


Over ten years ago, there were five friends. Three were students and two were meter readers. Over time they went their different ways. Two left as couples and one went his own way. One went to Japan, two went to Finland, and two of us ended up in Houston.
Today we got together again for a few hours. A project manager, a veterinarian, a blacksmith, a teacher, and a writer. Not to mention, four of us were now parents. It was surreal. But it was amazing how easily we fell into conversation with each other again. We talked countries, kids, our health, our jobs, and our current lives. We watched our children play. And it was good. It was good knowing how everybody had turned out okay.
We probably won't see each other again for another couple of years. But I will sure look forward to it. I know I'm going to think of them out there in the world, and others who have gone other ways.

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