Friday, January 8, 2010

Moving Right Along

I'm currently signing contracts for my stories that will be appearing in LL Dreamspells Nightmares 2 anthology. That and addressing the envelopes has become a bit of a pain because the CMT has started getting into my hands more these days. One of these days I fear my publishers are going to get their contracts with nothing but a strange squiggle where a signature is supposed to be.

I can still type okay, but writing with a pen or pencil is becoming a very laborious process. And the result ain't pretty. I'm going to look into some possible solutions. I hear that fatter writing tools might be easier for me to use. I'll have to try it and see some time.

Other than that, just slowly going through the novel and seeing what needs fixing.

UPDATE: The contracts are mailed, and I even remembered to pick up the boy from school on the way back home. Go me!


  1. But did you remember his coat?

  2. Actually, yes. And I had to remind him to go back and get it...then I had to remind him to go back and get his lunchbox...then I had to remind him to go back and get his backpack...then I had to tell him to put the coat and THEN the backpack...then I had to remind him to get his lunchbox again...and then we finally made it out to the car. I don't know about that boy.

  3. Funny, sort of reminds me of some of the interactions I've had over the years with this father ;-) If it is any consolation, it is NOT just Sheridan. I've had exchanges very much like that with Courtney at the same age. In fact, I still do...hmmm, maybe that thought won't encourage you after all. LOL