Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 2

Day 2 of the great carb starve out has begun, and it's pretty much like the day before. I'm still down with the cold/flu, full of mucus and swollen tissues. Another slug of cod liver oil is in the offing, but I need to at least try to do some more writing today. I'm falling behind of my schedule on that.

The kiddos seem to be recovering well, they're still fighting off the last lingering effects, while the wife and I are hacking, wheezing, spitting, and coughing our way through life. It ain't fair.

Also, my alone-time on the computer has been drastically reduced. Karla leaves much later for work now. I like having her home, but she punts me from the computer. Combine this with competing against the kids when they are home and my writing time has suffered. Oh well, I'll make it work somehowl.

Right now, I just need to focus on recovery.


  1. Welcome to the last two weeks of our lives with the stuffy, coughing, choking, mucusy mess. Just now starting to get over it and actually sleep through the night without hacking up a lung.

  2. Tell me about it. Sleeping without drowning is almost impossible.

  3. Come on, gimme a break! I spend 30-60 minutes on the computer in the morning. And you know as well as I do, that you usually go right back to bed the instant you can in the morning. You rarely get up before 11:00. You had to get that laptop so that you could do your writting on it. So do your writting on it and quit blamming me. So I don't want to hear you saying that I am cutting into your computer time.

  4. Hey Nate, can I borrow your laptop...I mean, since you're OBVIOUSLY not using it??? LOL! (high-five, Karla!)