Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 3-4 or Diet Wars: Part Duex

Well, the aggressive use of Cod Liver Oil and Oil of Oregano seems to be turning the tide against the Evil Plague of Mucousy Misery. While I'm still coughing from time to time, and may have murdered a tissue or two over the day, I have definitely improved. My brain no longer feels stuffed with cotton, and with effort I can even breathe through my nose. Hallelujah for homeopathy. Go me!

I'm also fiending for carbs in the worst way now. Currently, it would be unsafe to stand near me with a bowl of rice. It's that bad. Sigh. I know it will stop once my blood sugar finds it's new equilibrium.

I realized today as I went through the process of rewriting my novel that I needed to be very careful or I would be drastically changing the tone of it. That's something I want to limit, so I'm having to slow down and be very careful. Demonstrating things through dialogue has kind of pepped things up a bit, and I don't want to mess up the pacing of the story either. It can be done, but it wasn't until I was into the process of rewriting that I understood the danger. Mood is a delicate thing, and changing the way you deliver information can definitely alter the mood. Oh well, I know to watch for it now. Nothing like rereading your revisions to learn something new.

Oh well, back to the salt mine.

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