Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And So It Begins . . .

Today I start my low carb diet, and my taking active measures to try and kick this lingering cold/flu out of my system. This morning I went back to bed after getting the kids lunches made, to get some extra sleep. Now I'm back up and starting my new routine.

I have started with a large dose of cod liver oil, and I'm now drinking tea with stevia. No more sugar, rice, potatoes, breading, starch, cereal, or any other high carb foods for Nate. Adios Dr. Pepper, as most fake sugars are out for me too. I can still have some non white carbs in moderation, and that's it.

I weighed myself this morning to get a starting spot, and it was pretty grisly. No, I'm not giving out the gory details, but at least I know where I'm coming from now. We'll see where I am in a week. Hopefully it will be in a place where my pants fit better.

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