Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Morning

Ah Monday, glorious Monday! Another week begins, all shiny and new. Don't you just love that new week smell?

My plans for today are to dust off "Rite of Passage" and give it another edit. LL Dreamspell have finally opened their second Dreamspell Nightmares anthology so I want to get it ready to submit for that.

Then I've got housework to do. I let it slide on Sunday because I felt like resting up after the party, and I was in too good of a mood after Dallas won their football game today.

Finally, I'm debating carving Jack O Lanterns with the kiddos this evening. I'm just wondering if a jack o lantern will last six days after being carved. I might hold off till Tuesday on that one. I've already got the pumpkins, just trying to figure out the best time to carve them up. I need to get the kids some Halloween costumes this week, too. I better look for them soon before they all get picked over and my poor kids have to go in sheets with eye holes.


  1. Sheridan wants to be a vampire with vampire teeth. A black cape will finish the costume. Rowan can be Snow White.

  2. That should be easy to find. I'll check Walmart tonight.

  3. Mackenzie has reached the point where she is starting to move past the "pretty princess" stage. This year she wants to be "spooky" AND "pretty". I found her a Spinderella costume and she loves it.

  4. I think jack-o-lanterns will last 6 days, but not much more than that. At least, not as a solid.

  5. yeah, I'll make a note to pay attention and see how long these last. That way I'll be armed with the facts next year.

    kids hit that stage around five or six where they like the idea of being scary.