Saturday, October 24, 2009

And a Good Time Was Had By All . . .

The party went well.

But first I want to thank Daddo and Randy for fixing my garage door and unplugging my main line under the house. I appreciate it. Thanks.

I'm pleased with the food. The ratatouille was tasty, and the ribs were perfect. The salmon could have been a little better though. Mothers beans and potatos were good too. And the kids seem to have declared the cake to be excellent.

The best part was watching the kids running and shrieking in the dark with their lights. I want Sheridan and Rowan to have a sense of the seasons when they grow up, so I intend to work on giving them good seasonal childhood memories. A little of the magic of each holiday. You only get one chance to be a kid, and only once chance to shape their childhood. And since it is now the week of Halloween, I will focus on that. They had their little light party in the dark last night, and now we will have a pumpkin carving over the next day or two.

I think making a little of that magic come true is a lot like writing. You are creating an atmosphere, an ambience, and a memory. It's just a different form of creation, and maybe even a more important one.

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