Thursday, October 29, 2009

Early Goings On

This morning we have an ARD meeting over Rowan, to see what school and classes they want to put her in next.

Tonight we will go to Walmart and buy a big screen TV and entertainment center we picked out, because Karla bought us AT&T Uverse and we needed something ot watch it on. She also bought us new cell phones, which we are trying to figure out. We look like those missing links scratching our heads over the obelisk in 2001: A Space Odyssey. We aren't the most tech savvy creatures in the universe. She's currently frowning at hers and wondering "where you put the phone numbers in this stupid thing."

I'm going to go to Best Buy later and look into their laptops, because I want to have a laptop that will be ready for the Uverse techs to set up with their wireless routers. Boy, all kinds of progress happening on the technological front. AND we're looking into getting Rowan a dollhouse.

Time for the old toys to go, and more targeted toys to take their place. Getting suggestions from Rowans therapists on that score.

And Karla got us some help once a week in cleaning the house. Yay!

Good times.

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