Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Things To Do

Tonight we carve pumpkins. Sheridan has already made one drawing of what he wants his jackolantern to look like . . . an impossible monstrosity with three mouths and about twelve eyes. Methinks his enthusiasm is going to outstrip our carving skills.

I'm still drawing a blank. Maybe I'll look into mind supplements. I hear that a combination of the supplements piracetam and choline are supposed to improve concentration and mind function. I sure need something.

I have been in a slump all October. I had actually got a story ahead at the end of September, now I'm almost a story behind. I've had a couple of false starts that I've filed for future reference, but nothing really to show for the past three weeks. Not good.

Maybe I'll look into the National Novel Writing Month. I think Cherri is doing it. Just hammering out 50,000 words over the course of 30 days sounds like an interesting challenge. I wonder how many times i can type "All work and no play makes Nate a dull boy."

UPDATE: I bought the brain booster supplements. Yeah, I'm that desperate. We'll see how they work.


  1. Oh yes Big Guy, I'm doing NaNo AGAIN this year! And I will kick your kiester if you don't!!

    Put on your hat, sing to your muse, and push up your sleeves...then start poundin' on those keys.

    Kisses to Karla and the two goblins y'all have running around,

  2. Well, if you put it like that then I better do it. I'll sign up for it tonight or tomorrow night.