Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just Shoot Me

Yep. Sick again.

And this time it's with something that ain't taking prisoners. I bet I have puked, pooped, and sweated away fifteen pounds of body weight in the past seven hours. I was throwing up stuff I ate the night before last.

Now I can kind of feebly move, and can't get comfortable no matter how I try. I'm feverish, weak, nauseated (still), having to stay close to the bathroom, and even the idea of plain water is evil to my mind. My vocal cords are so burned from all the upchucking that I have no voice at all left.

I feel so bad for Rowan. I'm sure this is what she's got too, she just can't tell us about it. She spent almost all day on the couch, looking miserable.

Sheridan and Karla are still bouncy and healthy, so there is still hope for us.

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