Friday, October 2, 2009

A Little Better

I got some writing done yesterday. Not a whole lot, but enough where the day wasn't an entire waste in that department. I managed to move the story along and got past my first big hurdle in it. So progress is progress.

Today, I need to go shopping for eyeglasses since Rowan broke my backup pair. Since I need glasses to drive, owning just one pair is living dangerously. So my morning is already scheduled for me. Alas, I usually take advantage of Karla being home and sleep in on Friday morning. Today it's not to be. That leaves the afternoon for any writing I might get done. It's possible, but I'm also watching kids at the same time. That slows me down in a big way.

The diet goes on. I think I'm beginning to push through the brain fog a little bit. I need to drop by Target after the visit to Eyemasters and pick me up a precooked turkey breast. Those make for nice, easy low carb snacks. Yum.

Oh well, back to bed with me.

UPDATE: Couldn't get the new glasses. When I got to the mall, I discovered that Eyemaster didn't open till 10. Then at ten oclock, a bunch of faster people got in ahead of me. Since I needed to be home by a little after eleven, there was no point in staying. I'll just have to find a day when there is somebody to watch Rowan, and I can take the time needed.

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