Friday, October 16, 2009

The Road To Recovery

Yeah, I feel about like that pier . . . but the sickness has passed.

The fever broke yesterday afternoon, and by evening I was able to keep food down. I have done almost nothing but sleep, and I still want to do little but sleep, but I'm on the mend now. Rowan bounced back much faster than I did.

Now I guess I need to start looking forward to writing another story. I'm between stories again, but have been too sick to worry about it much. Now that I'm starting to recover, I need to at least think about getting back to work. At least I have a story out there submitted, so I have that to keep me checking my email.

Lord, I'm tired. And this house has suffered. Thinking about the work I've fallen behind on makes me even tireder. Ah well, the Dallas Cowboy's don't play this weekend so I'll try and recoup my energy today and dedicate this weekend to catching up. I'll have Karla home to help, and that will make things better.

UPDATE: It's now five in the morning and I'm fighting insomnia. This is ridiculous. I went ahead and packed the kids lunches so Karla could get them off to school if I crash before they get up. How can somebody be this tired and not sleep? Bleh! Oh well, I'm going to go to bed anyways and try and think of short stories or plan for next weeks party. If I fall asleep doing that . . . just great.

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