Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Let The Editing Begin

Now that critiques are starting to come back for "The World In Strips," the editing process can begin.

It's funny how different people pick up on different problems. And both are accurate. Stephie found punctuation errors and some redundant and unnecessary verbiage that will need removing, while Charlie spotted my "word" that I was repeating beyond all reason. Two of them actually. Thank you, ladies. I will be remedying that soon.

I will start editing after getting the kids off to school, as that will give more time for Robs critique to arrive as well. I'm actually fairly pleased with this story, especially as I had such low feeling for it when I began writing it.

I struggled with it, then once I passed a certain point it just took off on it's own. That's the way it works sometimes, which is why I always advise the old "just sit down and start producing sentences" strategy. You may have to fight it for a while, but it will come. Now I just have to make myself live by those words more often. It's always easier said than done, but that's why I make a point of doing it.

Oh well, once I get this one edited and sent off, that will leave two left to reach my goal. Things are looking good.

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