Saturday, October 10, 2009

Writing Blind

I'm taking a break from editing "The World in Strips" to start another story. It's one of those cases where I'm making myself write, with only a nebulous idea of where I'm going. The nice thing about doing that is that the scene will often firm up while your writing it. I just finished the first scene and I'm surprisingly happy with it. But now I've reached the point where I'm going to have to sit down and get a clearer idea where the story is going before proceeding further. I have a rough idea, and I know what type of story it is, but I now need to hammer done some of the finer points.

It's Saturday, which means I have the kids at home to myself so writing is coming with difficulty at best. Sheridan is bored and pestering me about what he can do next, and Rowan is bored and getting into everything. Sigh. I need to find them a new movie or something. Karla is late getting home, so she must have gotten hung up at the office. I still have to figure out what to make for dinner tonight.


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