Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sleeping In

Karla is home today, so I'm getting the kids lunches ready and going back to bed.

I stayed up last night trying to figure out how to rewrite "The Ways of Khrem." It can be done but it's going to be more difficult and labor intensive than I thought. And there are going to have to be executive decisions made that aren't going to be easy. For instance, I'm debating fixing the slow beginning by starting off with the attack on Cargill's house by Talanturos, then going back in time to the beginning. I'm also trying to figure out how to work more of the descriptives into the action, or into other areas where they won't bog the story down.

If I can get a rewritten manuscript, I can send that off to Pill Hill Press. Then I can start working on "Argiope" for LL Dreamspell.

I've pretty much decided to put short stories on hold unless a good idea presents itself.

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