Monday, January 10, 2011

Writers Night Out: Late

So I slept in this morning (as if nobody guessed) due to staying up late at our weekly writer's night out. Pictured above is my fellow writer, Cherri, on the left...and Lauren, one of the ever so patient and wonderful servers there  who both put up with us and became our friends as well. Here, Lauren joins us after getting off her shift and decides to have a dinner of her own.

Writing wise, I'm still jammed up on every single project I'm working on. Cherri offered some advice about plotting forward so I might try that. She also suggested I rework the cover for Shades: Wind and Dark Waters, as she felt it was a little weaker than the covers on the other two stories of the series. I can see what she is talking about, so I might toy around with that too. There is always room for improvement.

I got a lot of the laundry done over the weekend, but there are still some baskets sitting on the couch and glaring at me. I suppose I ought to do something about that too. Sigh.

Tonight is Cub Scouts night for Sheridan. It's been a while since his last meeting due to the holidays, now I need to get caught up with whatever is going on in that quarter. The holidays are over and life is beginning to sputter back to normal. Just got to pick it back up one piece at a time.



  1. We have the best time at Denny's--we've really met some great women there, who are now our friends.

    Set whatever is jamming you up aside. Start on a new project. Plot it all the way through and then WRITE-WRITE-WRITE! :>)

    Looking forward to next Sunday night--watch out, Big Guy, 'cause you're MUG is next! haha

  2. Uh oh, maybe I better wear my nice hat.