Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Good Morning, Humpday!

So I got 1,300 words written on a short story yesterday.

I've done more words in a day, but this was the first actual writing I had done since before the Christmas break. And it was on Tuesday which is one of my half days that I have to leave at noon to pick  up Rowan and take her to her therapist. So it was really a whole lot of writing done considering the circumstances. Anyways, I'm pleased with it and take comfort knowing I can still do it.

I'll try to get a ltitle more written today, but I do have some other things I need to get done while the kids aren't home. I was thinking of getting a haircut. I may have once measured my hair in feet, but those days are long behind me. Now I find that my hair is getting kind of "frowzy" and wear a hat in self defense, when I usually just wear it because it makes me look awesome. So a haircut is in my near future, if not today.

Karla had to leave to go to the dentist early this morning, so it's up to me to get the kiddos off to school. I'm working on it right now, and have about twenty minutes until Rowan's bus gets here. Karla has already got the kids dressed and ready to go. All I have to do is get them fed, and Rowans lunches packed. Pretty easy stuff, really.

So here's to getting things done. A little here, a little there. Not to mention the lady who cleans my house is coming today so that's a bonus! Hooray! And it's not really that bad in the first place! Double bonus, because that means I don't have to clean it up some so I won't be embarrassed for her to see how bad it can really get.

Oh, and I bought a new hat.

Yep, this day is starting swell :)

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