Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bringing Order out of Chaos

The house is in decent shape for once.

It's not great...far from it...but at least it's not embarrassingly bad. There is a lot that needs to be done, and I'm starting to work on that. The first and biggest step is making a real effort to spend more time where I am at the moment. To actually stop and pay attention to my environment. It's amazing how you can get used to your surroundings and then the mess creeps up...and you get used to it...and it creeps further...and you get used it...and so on until you literally don't see what's right in front of you. So I'm trying to take a fresh look at things right now, and get an idea of what would make things better.

Alas, the same thing goes with getting fat. I knew in an abstract way I was gaining weight, and even joked about it, but I really wasn't aware of how much. I bought a brand new digital scale at Walmart and decided to get myself a starting point for tackling my new diet. I stepped on and when it stopped whimpering it gave me the bad news. I'm not going to give a precise weight, but I will just say that I'm right around a hundred pounds heavier than when I got married seventeen years ago. And when you stop and consider that back then my legs were muscled from meter reading and nowadays are nowadays shunken from CMT...well, the picture is even worse. Yeah, I need to lose weight...bad. But now at least I've taken the first steps in that too.

Next on my list of things to improve, is my whole approach to writing. I will not check novelrank or Amazon DTP today. As a matter of fact I will not check it all week. I am going to get marketing, sales, and promotion out of my head for a while. It's interfering with my writing. Instead, I'm going to only focus on writing itself. Look forward instead of backwards.

Which is part of the whole new approach to this in the present. I spend too much time in the past or future. Time to change gears. We'll see where that gets me. I know it ain't going to be easy because that is simply not the way my brain is wired. But it's worth a try.

Oh well, Happy January Second!

UPDATE: I'm hungry. This sucks.

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