Wednesday, January 19, 2011

All Good Things

Progress on The Mushroom Man continues...and the progress is good. Sometimes taking that delay, and backing up and looking at something really works out. What started out as a story that seemed okay, has gone in an completely different direction than originally intended and is turning out to be a much better story because of it. I'm now 6,500 words into it, and I expect it to reach somewhere between 7,500 to 8,500 words when it's done. And with a little luck, I'll have the first draft done by this weekend.

Yay, me!

I also want to give credit to my lovely wife, Karla, for her technical advice that is so helpful in making this story possible.

Yay, Karla!

Sheridan had to take a reading evaluation test in school, and received top marks in all categories!

Yay, Sheridan!

Rowan has pretty much been Rowan this week. But that's okay, too.

Yay, Rowan!

So there is lots of positive energy floating around. Here's hoping it continues, and results in good things.

Now if I can just get used to this blasted brace on my right leg. It's still a huge pain in my butt. It's only redeeming feature is that it's so big and visible that everybody just naturally gives me plenty of room to maneuver as I go by. Even the people at Starbucks tell me to just go to my table and they'll bring me my drink. Of course, that's probably because they're tired of watching me wobble in this thing and don't want to see one of their displays get knocked over.


Oh well, it will all work out...and right now, it's all good.

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  1. Give Sheridan a hug from us and tell him we said "great job." Sometimes his accomplishments get lost in the shuffle - we're proud of him!