Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Stuff

Well, we had Sheridan stay home sick yesterday again, but sent Rowan to school. She hadn't had a fever in over 24 hours, but we might have sent her back a day soon. She woke up a complete grouch, and her teachers both at Public School and Learning Lane said she had pretty much decided to be impossible for much of the day. We'll hope for better results today.

I had my friend, Robert Dobbs come in for a visit. He and I used to be meter readers in the city of College Station back in the late nineties, and shared many an adventure and dog attack together. Ah, the good old days. He's still looking good, but my fat butt would make a slow and easy target for those canines nowadays. It's safe to say my dog dodging days are over.

Needless to say, with sick kiddos and out of town visitors, I didn't get any editing done. That's okay, I'm still on target. The Mushroom Man should be up in early February then it's on to Argiope.

Which brings up another point. One thing I've learned while writing as an independent is that books do need four critical factors...just like Joe Konrath said. A great story, a great cover, a great blurb, and a great title. "Argiope" simple doesn't work as a great title. Most people have no idea what an argiope and the title would put them off. Titles have to be catchy, easy, and give a quick and visceral idea of what the story is about. So while Argiope is the placeholder title, I'll have to come up with something else once I'm ready to publish.

But that's all issues for another day.

For now, Happy Thursday!

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