Saturday, January 15, 2011

Three Day Weekend Alert

      I’m faced with a three day weekend, home alone with the kids.

     As usual, that means the writing comes to a halt while my attention moves to the needs of the little ones. I suppose in this case that’s just as well, since I have reached a point in The Mushroom Man where I have to decide the nature of the threat the main character faces.

      Initially, she was going to be tracked down by the revenant of a killer whose body she found in a city park but didn’t report. That’s the supernatural option if I choose to take it. The other option is that, since the corpse she found had mushrooms growing out of it, she has stumbled upon the birth place of a new and deadly species of fungi with a ghastly propagation method, and is unwittingly spreading its spores. This is the scifi option. If I go with the scifi option, I may change the name to Punctuated Equilibrium, since that would be both the scientific term of what happened and is also a term handed to me by my friend Steve recently.

     I’ll have all weekend to think about it. I might even write both versions later just so I’m getting something done. I’m considering that because I’m famous for letting decisions like that paralyze me.

     I’m still reading my Hemingway and, oddly enough, it’s given me a couple of ideas for a Tales of Nur story or two. I’ll file those for later, since I want to start working on Argiope again after The Mushroom Man is finished. I need to get that one done. I’ve done a little tweaking on it, in hopes that it will help me move forward when I start that project again.

     But little of that will happen this weekend. This weekend is for the kiddos.

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