Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our Ballerina

It's been a kid day for me. Karla had to work, then go to a bridal shower. But she brought home a little ballerina outfit for Rowan, so we put it on her and put a clip of Swan Lake on TV. She caught on very fast.

Another interesting tidbit. I noticed her reading a short sentence on the computer, and she spoke much more clearly than she normally does. So I printed out a paper with a few key sentences, just to see if she would read them. It turns out the ones she could read, she could say a little better than if she were trying without the paper. She also carried the paper around with her, and used it to request a bottle of juice, then for Karla to put her jammies on her. Interesting.

Well, this was just a bonus update, so it was never intended to be long. Continue to enjoy yall's weekends out there!

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