Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weds Infirmary Update

Well, we finally have the girl up and functioning and heading off to school today, but the boy is still down with the crud. The girl was definitely grouchy about it though. She takes after her dad and thinks getting up in the morning is for the birds. She had really enjoyed that sleeping in part to being sick. Truthfully, I know when I was a kid that I truly believed from the bottom of my heart that there was nothing worth learning before noon anyways.

So, one kid gone and one still to go.

I've been working on editing The Mushroom Man. I managed to lose all progress from yesterday when I somehow saved an older version over the edited manuscript. Fortunately, I remembered what I had been working on, so I managed to go back and put all the edits back in. But that was still a dumb thing to do and very annoying.

I'm also trying to figure out how to put pictures into kindle documents. I think it would make my stories look a lot more professional if I could have the covers I designed show up on the first page of the story. So that's another thing I'm working on. Since I have no formal training at any of this, I'm just trying to piece things together while I play with things. Another thing I'm going to have to learn to do is figure out how to make a table of contents that link straight to chapters in the kindle. If I want to collect the Shades stories into an anthology, I think the reader would appreciate being able to jump straight to the story they want to read.

Sigh. Study, study, study.

But, I'll be sure and do that studying after noon so it will be worth learning.

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