Monday, January 3, 2011

Early Steps and Stumbles

So, my quest to put as much distance between me and the first subject above has started with mixed results. Having that much fat around your internal organs can't be good for you. I've been eating low carb and gluten free the past few days, although I stumbled a little at Denny's last night. I know that you aren't going to see any results this early, at least not weight wise, but at least my head was starting to clear up from the gluten. I think I'm going to have to be more careful at Denny's though because a little bit after the french fries, I felt that gluten fog increasing again. Cross contamination is a real issue with serious gfcf diets, and it makes eating out very problematic. But I need to do it so I can get back to writing effectively again. I just hate giving up all the good food everybody else takes for granted.

I'm playing around with mindfulness meditation as well. I don't really expect anything from it, but anything that gets me more in the here and now can't be a bad thing...right? Cutting out the gluten helps with that too. I noticed I was starting to sharpen up again today after avoiding gluten since Tuesday. I made a stumble in that regard, but I'll just stay on that wagon and hopefully I haven't lost too much ground. I've been extra good and been avoiding the casein as well.

So if I don't get skinny, at least I'll be fat and clear headed soon.

The other thing I need to work on is sleeping. My schedule is currently all messed up. Sunday, I went to bed at noon and slept till seven thirty in the evening. Yeah. That can't last. But hopefully with the kids starting school on TUESDAY, BECAUSE THE SCHOOL WON'T OPEN ON MONDAY LIKE ANY ORDINARY SANE PERSON WOULD EXPECT THEM TO AFTER ALL THIS TIME (twitch...twitch), that maybe that will force me to fix my schedule which will help me be more clear headed as well.

So things are going forward....right now in a "two steps forward one step back" sort of way...but it's all good. As long as things are going forward.

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  1. The main thing in this process is not to expect perfection. If you have a bad day, move on the next day. Don't beat yourself up. And actually, all that "good food" that everyone else is enjoying isn't really that good. Look at the obesity rates in this country. They are just eating bad food that they think tastes good while they are slowly dying from all the fat around their internal organs. This is not a diet. It is a matter of being kind to yourself. I know because I am doing the same thing.