Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Really, Miss Muse? Really?

If I ever catch my muse, I'm going to kick her dead in the butt.

After struggling for two months over a couple of issues that had me bogged down in Argiope, I had a neat little brainstorm come out of nowhere that neatly resolved all the problems and gave me a bonus action scene to boot....and it came to me right in the middle of my son's Cub Scout meeting where I was expected to be a dutiful parent and pay attention to my kid so he would stay on task. Aargh!! I could barely stay on task myself after that. The meeting kept going on and on, and I was dying to get home to my laptop! But it was all in a good cause and the boy was exposed to lots of scouty goodness. And I somehow made it through the meeting without having a stroke or some kind of breakdown.

But just barely.

Still, the good news is that I have a way forward with Argiope again. I need to do some plotting to figure out how to implement this idea the best way, but I already know it's going to work. Woohoo, I love it when things are working out. It makes me feel like I might actually be in the right line of work after all.

On another note, I'm going to go to Sheridan's school and have breakfast with him this morning. He's been asking me to do this for weeks, and I've just confirmed with the school it's okay. I think it's great and I intend to take advantage of that opportunity while he still wants me to be part of his world. I know someday that will likely change, so it's best to make the most of it while being the parent hasn't yet cast me as the Great Evil Oppressor. Sheesh, listen to me...I sound like I miss him already.

Oh well, now it's Tuesday and we're back to Starbucks day. Maybe I'll get some good writing done while I'm there. Have a Happy Tuesday, folks!


  1. You are only the Great Evil Oppressor (e.g., really lame, square, worst parent in the world) for a short time. Just about the time you get used to having that moniker, they suddenly switch gears and you become the coolest parent in the world. At least that's the way it worked in our world.

    And then they take a college psych course, and all of a sudden all of your family's idiosyncracies are a fascinating case study for the psych teacher. LOL.

    Of course, being a psych major I can understand this fascination. "You're that screwed up? Sorry, but how cool is that? Can I study you? It won't hurt too much...!"

    Just wait until Sheridan hits college psych class. Oh, the fun his teacher will have with his family.

  2. I hope so. I actually like the little guy...even though he drives me batty.