Saturday, February 19, 2011

Zombified Weekend

So now I'm thinking zombies.

It doesn't mean I will actually break down and try to write a zombie story, but it increases the odds. Since talking about it earlier, all I've been thinking is zombie apocalypse scenarios. Now the funny thing here is that I've haven't really read any zombie genre literature, so I really have no idea what is expected by the readers of this genre. It might be worth a look though. I think I'll buy a couple of zombie kindle books for my laptop and just see what this genre is all about. I'll have to figure out what the popular titles are and see what's popular with the fans.

So far I'm picturing these three rednecks riding down the road in a couple of trucks and trying to make their way to some safe area they heard about on their CB radio. One of them has his recently zombified girlfriend duct taped in the back of his truck because he can't just bring himself to shoot her yet. I know, I know....its' stupid but that's just the way things work when I'm suddenly playing around with new ideas. I may never use any of them, but sometimes a good one that I can use will creep in there.

Oh well, I'm going to be busy all weekend, so this is it till Monday for the blog. I'll be gone to family get togethers and stuff...and thinking about zombies.

I might also buy a new BBQ grill this weekend as well. That would be kind of nice. I've felt kind of "unequipped" since I threw out my old grill. It's been a long time since I made smoked brisket.

Anyways, I hope everybody has a great weekend and I'll see you Monday.

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  1. Be sure to watch "I Am Legend" with Will Smith, if you haven't already seen it. A smart and well-done zombie movie. Also don't forget "Zombieland." They managed to get humor, ROMANCE, and a good story into a hackneyed cliche horror story.