Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Old dogs, New Tricks, and Stuff

Objective Correlative.

Yeah, that's a word. It's a writing technique that I'm learning about, although I have mixed feelings over it. It's the use of setting, objects, or other things in the story to deepen the emotion. I am a novice when it comes to writing so I know if I'm ever going to be any good I still have to keep learning. That's why I take on projects like reading all of Hemingqay's short stories and stuff. I know that quality matters.

There are some parts of writing that come natural to me and some that don't. For instance, I picked up a quick feel for Hemingway's use of dialogue to carry the scene, and while I wouldn't presume to copy him I do try to implement my own variation of the same thing at times. I'm usually satisfied with the results. On the other hand, metaphors are something that don't come naturally to me at all. Like my son, I was always kind of literal minded as a kid and confused by things like metaphors, expressions, and such. Being aware of them has helped, but I need to work harder in that direction.

Also, I went and had breakfast with Sheridan yesterday. While I did get to spend some time with him, most of my time kind of got monopolized by a couple of teachers who wanted to talk. Still, I did get to watch Mr. Clueless get followed around the cafeteria by a little girl who shadowed his every step and sat by him whenever he changed tables. Sigh. Sometimes he would have been better off taking after his mother.

I'm slowly working my way forward with Argiope. Just  five to eight hundred words a day, but at least it's progress. I'm hoping to be able to get a flow going and pick that rate up.

Oh well, Happy Humpday Folks! And try to learn a new trick or keeps you young.

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