Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekend Update (Sort of)

I slept in today, after staying up late and working on a scene from Argiope.

I had skipped ahead and decided to tackle the scene immediately AFTER the hero and heroine finally get together, and he is laying there feeling like the luckiest man alive but wondering if she has lost her mind. Yeah, he has a few self esteem issues....ones that aren't helped by the fact that he feels a bit like a third wheel when the bad guys try to kill him and the heroine sort of handles things herself. So I figured I would use the scene to give a glimpse of the lady protagonist's feelings about things since most of the time she is sort of a cypher.

Anyways, the scene is written and I think that after much labor, second guessing, and rewriting that it finally turned out decent.

Tonight is Sheridan's blue and gold banquet for cub scouts, so I'm attempting to bake a cake. I've baked many a cake in the past but this is a new GFCF cake mix that I don't have a lot of confidence in. We'll just have to see how it turns out as well. I hope it does, and I hope he has a good time. I know I went to one of these when I was a kid in scouts, but I don't remember it...probably because I was a hyperactive kid bored out of his skull and didn't pay a bit of attention to the proceedings. I have my doubts over how long Sheridan is going to remember this as well.

Not a lot else to report this weekend. I'm just kind of chillin and thinking about things. We'll see if I can keep doing that without spraining anything.

Enjoy the weekend, folks!


  1. Hope the cake came out okay AND you had a good time at the banquet!

  2. The cake came out good, and I survived the banquet. Next year though, I'm either medicating the kid or me.

  3. I vote for medicating both. Double the fun.