Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another Three Day Weekend Passes

I made it.

Without warning, some nutball decided we should have a school holiday in honor of our Presidents so I found myself on the receiving end of another three day weekend. Seriously...do these guys really need more honoring? They already got the job and the title. Nobody is going to call ME Mr. President for the rest of my life. I'm just going to get remembered as that grouchy old guy who keeps trying to get out of paying allowances.

Is THAT fair?

Anyways, I survived this assault on my sanity and now look forward to a semi-peaceful day. It isn't a Monday or Friday, where I get the bulk of my writing done, but I'll take what I get. I might can find my kitchen this morning, and get a little writing done at Starbucks. I'm due a little peace and quiet.

I've got a couple new ideas for Argiope, and I'll see if I can make them work better. I'm thinking of combining two scenes...one a romance scene, and the other an attack by the main characters nemesis...and setting it in a darkened movie theater. It would make an interesting scene, and might even shorten a book that is already reaching it's 80,000 word mark. I need to get this thing done sometime, and I just don't write fast enough to crank out Stephen King sized tomes.

So things are progressing, even if it's in fits in starts.

Now I just need to eat all this snack food I have inadvertently stocked the house with over the weekend so I can go back on my diet. Sigh, the perils of trying to de-kingsize yourself. It ain't easy folks.

Have a Happy Tuesday out there, folks!

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