Friday, February 11, 2011

Starting the Weekend Right

Get oil change and front brake pads replaced. CHECK

Replace water filters under the sink. CHECK

Rearrange plastic and tupperware bowls in cabinet. CHECK

Make beef stew for dinner. CHECK

Get caught up on all the dishes. CHECK

Finish my book of short stories by Hemingway. CHECK

Write a little bit on Argiope: CHECK

Make some gluten free bread in the machine for me and Rowan. CHECK

Thats actually quite a bit done for me. I'm rather pleased with myself. Most days I don't have near the energy to accomplish all that, but Friday was just a good day. I both felt well, and felt focused. I could use more days like that.

I didn't actually get much written on Argiope, but I finally managed to start writing on it. That's important on two different levels. First of all, it breaks the paralysis even if only by a little bit. That makes it easier to pick up and keep working on it. Second of all, now that I have published The Mushroom Man, I've fallen into my post-publication dumps where I feel like that was the last good idea I'll ever have, that I'm washed up as a writer, and that it's all over. So getting a little done on Argiope improves my mood in regards to writing in general.

Sheridan got a glowing weekly report from his teacher this week, and she even pinned a blue ribbon to his shirt for good behavior. I suppose another outing to a movie, or maybe some frito pies at Old Town Spring, is  in order. Actually, I'm glad for an excuse to do it...and it's good that he is enjoying school. I don't want him to ever learn to hate it like I did.

Anyways, I guess I'll see if I can pick off another thing or two this weekend that has been let slide for too long. Maybe I'll finally catch that damn raccoon.

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  1. Or the raccoon will finally do you in! LOL. Give the boy a hug and tell him that Aunt Steph and Uncle Randy are proud of him for his good week at school!