Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So I Got A Haircut

I was definitely beginning to get a little too frowzy and fuzzy, so I decided the time had come to get a haircut. The final straw was when I pushed my hat on and it popped back up off the top of my head. So off to the barber's I went.

It appears that my self image needed a little updating anyways.

The lady did a swift and competent job, but when I was finished I noticed something shocking. There was a pile of hair on the floor that I had a hard time accepting as mine. It was pale gray, and for a moment I wondered if they had shaved a granny before putting me in the same chair. No such luck. It appears I need to stop thinking of the other people with gray hair that I meet as "old people."


On the other hand, gray is kind of sexy when you think about it. Sean Connery makes it look rather good. I'll just have to wear it like he does. Yeah, I can do that. This might actually be a good thing. I'll just have to work out a classy but subtle way of fending off the chicks when the wife is around. Yeah.

It's not easy being me, but I do my best :)

Oh well, it's all good. Now I just have to decide whether to pick up Argiope or start work on this idea for a short story I suddenly got. Decisions, decisions.

So have a Happy Humpday out there, everybody!

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