Friday, February 4, 2011

Super Catastrophic Houstonian Winter Storm Edition

Somebody up there does not want me to finish The Mushroom Man.

I got my feedback from both proofreaders now, and I was anticipating having all day Friday to integrate the suggestions and fixes they had suggested. That's because Friday is both a school day, and a day I don't have to pick up Rowan to take to her therapists. Friday is my most productive day of the week. Friday was what I had pinned my hopes on when it came to finally getting this story polished and published this weekend.

Last Friday, I didn't get anything done because I had kiddo's home with the plague. This Friday looked more promising, especially since both kids are now healthy...but that was before MOTHER NATURE DECIDED SHE HATED ME AND CHOSE TO ENTOMB THE CITY OF HOUSTON IN A COATING OF ICE.

It is one oclock in the morning, and there is a fine misting rain coming down that is freezing to surfaces on contact. My car is already becoming encased in ice. Needless to say, schools are cancelled and the kids will be demanding my undivided attention tomorrow...AGAIN. Needless to say, I won't be putting my Friday to the purposes of writing...AGAIN.

So there's that.

I will find something to do with the kiddos...the first of which will hopefully be sleeping in. After all, on school days we have to almost get a tow truck to pull them out of bed. Surely they will be just as sleepy on a day they could build up great karma by letting their poor old Dad get some well deserved shut-eye. Right?

I've asked Karla to help corral the kids on Sunday, in a desperate attempt to get a few hours to actually get some work done and finish this story so I can hit that publish button. She said, "We'll see." That's not exactly the most encouraging response I could have gotten, but it sure beats hysterical laughter.

So now there isn't a lot to write about...just me and the kids slowly becoming encased in ice in the sub-tropical city of Houston. I hope we don't have to eat the cats.

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  1. It is far more likely that the cats will eat YOU.