Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sweet Dreams =/

So I dreamed I was back in school last night. I was sitting in my desk, surrounded by people I might know better if I came to class more often, and listening to the teacher explain that the projects worth half our grade were due today. As I thought about it in doomed silence, I sort of remembered her mentioning this project at the beginning of the semester. So now I realized I had blown it yet again, and would soon be the only fifty year old high school student in America.

Then my teeth started falling out.

Yep, I sat there at my desk, and realized one of my teeth was loose. I gave it a brief wiggle and the thing came right out in my hand. As I stared at it in numbed bemusement, another fell out in my mouth and I spit it into my palm next to it's mate. I pulled two more free before the teacher asked me in a sharp tone what I was doing. I swiftly stuffed my liberated molars and cuspids into my pocket and mumbled, "Nothing."

She told me it was time to stand up and give my oral report in front of the class.

I wondered if I could possibly bullshit my way through this, but then realized I had no idea what the report was supposed to be about. Was it a book report? A report on government? History? I racked my brain as I stood and shuffled towards the front of the class...trying to remember what class this was anyways. I had been skipping it so much I had forgotten the subject. Not to mention I could feel my other teeth hanging loose in my gums, ready to fall loose when I started talking.

So I stood in front of a class full of young strangers, with a mouth full of loose teeth, and wondering what the hell I was supposed to say. Mercifully, that's when I woke up.

Yeah, my mental life is in great shape.

So, absent anything major to report other than a little more work that I may or may not keep done on Argiope, that's about it. Oh, and I did a bunch of laundry.

All this excitement is killing me.

Oh well, have a good Thursday folks. It feels like spring is upon us!

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