Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gettin'er Done

Yesterday, I got my braces repaired and had an appointment set for Monday to have new braces made. That is something I have been meaning to get around to doing for way too long. So it's nice to finally be able to put a checkmark next to that item on my list. And speaking of the list, I'll be getting myself some new shoes today (another think long overdue) and tomorrow I'll be getting an oil change. So this week has started to turn out to be about taking care of overdue chores.

I've been trying to get myself to thinking about Argiope again, but without much success. My brain seems to want to drift to another short story for some reason. What I might do is sit down and read what I have from the beginning and see if that gets me back into the Argiope frame of mind. I need to get that novel's first draft done.

I really don't have much to write about today.

I just don't lead an exciting enough life.

On another note, I read the other day that the reason that one in twelve women in the US will deal with breast cancer, and the reason only one in one hundred thousand Chinese women will face that same problem, is that we consume dairy products and the Chinese don't. Apparently the theory also holds that it causes a couple of types of cancer in men as well. It seems that people weren't evolved to eat dairy. All I can say is that when I was on that strict GFCF diet, I felt better and sharper than at any other point I can remember. It's just a tough diet to stay on.

The reason I bring this up, of course, is that I'm debating trying it again. Not that I'm fat or anything (oh no, nothing like that :P ) but I do need to eat better. We'll see.

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