Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Gloomy Day

Charlie points out today that there is a better and more believable answer for dealing with the cell phone dilemma than having our two creek explorers leaving it at home. Just having it get wet. Thanks, Charlie.

Cell phones are definitely a feature of modern life that horror writers have to deal with. One of the key elements of suspense is isolation, and cell phones connect everybody these days. Almost every horror story I write nowadays almost always has the question "How do I nullify the cell phone," as one of it's primary questions.

My birthday is October 24th, which is on a Saturday this year. We've decided that makes for a good excuse to have an afternoon get together, with glow sticks and LED light wands for the kids in the backyard after dark. I'm thinking of grilling kubideh, cedar plank salmon, and ribs. That should cover everybody. Plenty of time to prepare for this one.

The cats have the right answer to a rainy day. Curl up somewhere and sleep through it. I wish I could do that.


  1. Your woes with cell phones will only get worse as coverage, durability/resilience, and battery life improve.

    Your birthday party sounds lovely. I’m quite jealous. Mine is Oct 10 and it will probably be too cold and wet to enjoy anything outside.

  2. I think thats one reason that wolves don't make good horror movie monsters, despite the fact they were feared charactors in medieval tales. They simply aren't scary in the context of todays world.

    And as todays world changes, horror writers have to adapt.