Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend Part 2

Went to see "Pandorum" at the movie theatre last night, after the kids went to bed. As scifi/horror goes, it's okay. It borrows it's setting of a "haunted house in space" pretty heavily from Alien, but then a lot do. Another ridiculously big ship with huge, dark, air expensive areas and tight tunnels. All the walls are dark metal, and dim grid covered lights barely illuminate the pipe stuffed hallways. It was cool when Alien did it the first time, but it's really been over-copied since then.

If I ever write a scifi, I will be sure and address that issue.

My creek story is still stalled, although I did have company today and then took a nap after they left. I know roughly what I intend to have happen next, it's just a matter of figuring out the details and writing down the steps of it happening. I'm really beginning to suspect either burnout or gluten contamination. We'll see. I haven't set a date for starting the stricter diet yet. I want to give it a few more days to see if it goes away on it's on.

Sunday is Frito pie day with Sheridan, at least on the weekends when Karla works on Saturday, so I need to do that tomorrow afternoon. They were having some kind of vintage car show in Old Town Spring, so the crowds may be pretty big. Sheridan might like looking at the cars though. Or he may not even differentiate them from the ones he sees all the time. We'll see.

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